Monday, 2 May 2011

Royal Bunting Day

The Royal Wedding - an excuse for a day off work, an excuse for having too much to drink or an excuse to make bunting? Yes!! I just love bunting and although I had not planned to celebrate the Royal Wedding I realised it was an excuse to indulge myself - and make bunting!!

Off to The Fat Quarters where I bought just three 20cm strips of fabric, a red and white spot, a white and blue spot and a blue with a ditsy white print. I found a piece of blue stripe fabric in my stash and when it was all assembled I was able to make 10 metres of bunting all for about £6.20.
Unfortunately it started to rain so the bunting had to come inside but provided a fitting back drop for Kate Moss and Big Ben when they set off for a Best of British school party.

I finished off the little jacket I made with these buttons ...
.....cute ladybirds.....
I have been knitting with the lovely Adriafil yarn I bought from Louise at Woolfish last weekend. It is 50% wool and 50% cotton and so soft. I do like variegated wool as I am always wanting to know what colour comes next.

Happy quilting xx


Helen said...

Wonderful bunting !! Can't beat a bit of bunting can you? Love Helen x

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

This is all such fun and although we did not watch, or take part in, the Royal Wedding we really do like your bunting [and those ladybird buttons].

You were so kind as to leave a comment on our post 'We'll Gather Lilacs' which, for some reason, we failed to reply to when it was published. We are so sorry and have now made reply.

We have signed ourselves as Followers and very much hope you will come over to us again.

Amanda said...

Love the bunting, as soon as I get my baby back from the repair shop I am going to make some. Mom....if you read this, Happy Birthday!!!