Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Fine Cell Work

I am a bit behind with my posts but felt I must show you these photos from the Fine Cell Work Exhibition and Christmas shopping event at The Sage, Gateshead.

Fine Cell Work is a social enterprise that teaches needlework to prison inmates, so they can learn a useful skill, make beautiful objects, and re-enter society with the independence to stop re-offending.

60 volunteers go into prisons every 2 weeks to teach and mentor the stitchers. The work is sold either through exhibitions, on line shops or commissioned directly.

"Fine Cell Work gives these men dignity in work and through this, dignity in life. When a man gains self-respect he may start addressing his offensive behaviour". Officer, HMP Wandsworth

Prisoners can earn approximately 37% of the sale price of each piece, which can either be saved for their release, sent home to their family or spent on luxuries.

In May 2011, Qa Research published its in-depth, qualitative evaluation into Fine Cell Work at five prisons across England and Scotland.

The report found that the benefits of Fine Cell Work to prisoners include:

  • Improved mental health and social skills.
  • Promotion of a calm state of mind.
  • The passing of time productively.
  • A strong sense of achievement, pride and self-confidence.
  • A more positive outlook on their future post-release.
Whether you beliefs are that offenders are in prison to be punished or to be rehabilitated - the standard of the work was truly impressive.
And made me appreciate my freedom and all the fresh air on the Quayside.
Decorating has kept me away from sewing these last 2 weeks but I am pleased with the total transformation in my hallway. A mix of contemporary - with the chrome fittings and curtains - and traditional - with a table made for my Grandparents wedding present back int the 1930s.

And finally I have managed a little bit of sewing and the Colonial knot cushion is nearly finished - just the bead work to complete.

Happy Quilting xx

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Matt Baker's Rickshaw Challenge

Tonight we have been out and about to support Matt Baker on his rickshaw challenge for Children in Need.

Matt and Pudsey cycled into Hexham at 7pm almost 3 hours late after cycling from Hawick in the borders today.The journey of 484 miles started in Edinburgh yesterday and will finish on Friday in London for the live show of the 2011 Children in Need appeal.Matt said he was late because he kept stopping to chat to his many supporters along the way, and at Hexham's Wentworth stadium he spent ages chatting to everyone , young and old.If you want to support him too Text 'MATT' to 70705 - follow him on line here or just follow him down the road like we did and drop your donation into his bucket.

I have been sewing too, trying out some little stitcheries from Mandy Shaw's book Stitch with Love.
And learning to do Colonial knots for a cushion project from Sandie Lush Pattern.And the latest knitting project to be finished are these chunky mittens which are now packed up and posted to Manchester to Jenny.
And finally the scenic shot is a wildlife shot this week - This magnificent Eagle owl - I wouldn't like to get too close to that beak!!

Happy Quilting xx