Thursday, 29 January 2009

21+16 = I'm Old

No time for sewing this week, we have been too busy celebrating. My two kids have both been celebrating big birthdays. Michael was 21 and Jenny 16. I can't believe my babies are that old!!

Michael's birthday was first and we had a quiet celebration with the family followed by Champagne and cake at home. He is going off to celebrate with friends this weekend.

Jenny had these fantastic sparklers in her cake in the shape of a 16 unfortunately they sprinkled burnt bits all over the cake, looked fab though. She still has another party with her friends to look forward to on Saturday.

And of course the family group photo. Good picture of the quilt and cushions.

Happy Quilting xx

Sunday, 18 January 2009

First Daffodils of Spring

A walk last week along the riverside at Wylam and I spotted these daffodils pushing their heads up through the undergrowth. I haven't seen any snowdrops yet so these daffs are very early. As the National Trust tea shop was closed we walked in the other direction towards Hagg Bank and the Points bridge.

As the sign says this is an early example of a suspension bridge built to connect North Wylam station to the Newcastle to Carlisle railway line in 1876. My Great great great grandfather worked on the railways at Wylam in the 1850's , so I like to think he too would have walked or ridden across the bridge when it was built. The railway line here is disused and the track is now part of the Tyne Riverside park.With the New Year comes the start of a new quilt project. I have started to make the Wish upon a Star quilt from Rabbits Haven for Jenny. I was so intent on choosing the design I did not pay any attention to how difficult the pattern might be. After asking Kim about a hundred questions I have at last started and here are the first four blocks waiting to be trimmed.

I didn't choose fabrics from a range but a wide selection from all over, they are a mixture of pinks, purples and blues , prints and plain. This is going to be a colourful quilt. The pieces are cut from a pile of five fat quarters with a freezer paper template on top. 20 blocks in total, four down 16 to go.

And finally a couple of late birthday presents arrived. This lovely book " Living the Dream" by Leanne Beasley is from my DS and the cute cup cake charm from my DS in law. Now I know which are my scissors. Thanks for the pressies.

Happy Quilting xx

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Another Year Older

The New Year dawned bright and sunny on Thursday, full of resolutions about keeping fit and loosing weight we set off for a walk along the riverside at Wylam. It was very cold and crisp but the sun was bright and shining on the river, looking very picturesque. It felt good to be out after the dull dark days around Christmas.

My birthday celebrations started on Friday with the afternoon class at The Fat Quarters. After opening pressies and eating cakes we eventually got down to some sewing and I have finished the second Summer Garden cushion from Rosalie's Gift book. The needle turn applique and hand quilting on this small scale went well with the excess of TV watching over the Christmas break.

Celebrations continued the next day with a trip out to Harrogate and afternoon tea in Betty's. My DH hates waiting in queues but gave in cos it was my day. Jenny and I enjoyed the shopping, there was a great closing down sale in MKone and we came out with a huge bag of goodies.
More celebrations on Sunday and Jenny made these fantastic lemon drizzle cupcakes for me. There was a bit of a cupcake theme going on really but I love them.
And finally, reading the book The Friday Night Knitting Club, I felt drawn to do some knitting, I fished out a ball of yarn I had bought at Woolfish months ago and started on a scarf. I was quite pleased with how it knits up.

Thank you all for my cards and gifts I have had a lovely birthday.

Happy quilting xx