Thursday, 26 March 2009

Mothers Day wishes

A belated Happy Mothers Day to all of you mums out there. The kids gave me a lovely day. Flowers and perfume from my DS and a beach bag and chocs from my DD. Breakfast in bed then we all went out for a delicious Sunday lunch.

I got the borders sewn on the quilt and the wording stitched on the border too. It was only when I looked at the pattern to see what to do next that I realised the stitching should have been done with 6 strands of DMC not the two that I used. Anyway 6 strands would not go through the needle threader. Next step is to put on the stars with raw edge applique. Sounds fancy but I think it just means machine stitching near to the edges - but do I use heat and bond first - pattern doesn't say, does any one know?

And finally this weeks scenic shot came in the course of duty. I had never been to Whalton Village before but it is very picturesque. Lying between Belsay and Morpeth it is the sort of place you only come across when you are lost or taking a short cut. However I was sent there. Luckily I had my camera in the car so took a few scenic shots, this is the best with the sun out and the daffs blowing in the breeze it looked lovely.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Holiday Thursday

Today I have taken a days leave from work to use up the end of my annual leave. My leave form had been added up incorrectly so I was given an extra day and I have made the most of it. First I went shopping in Newcastle, back to John Lewis haberdashery department to look at the Amy Butler fabrics again. I bought a pattern to make a halterneck sun top for my holidays and a few other bits and pieces. Next, refreshment time, and a pot of tea and the scone of the day in the restaurant. Today's scone was cheese and tomato - very tasty. Next I went to M&S to try to find some trousers that fit. I was horrified by the view in the mirror - obviously a magnifying mirror - all that can't be me!!! Must exercise and stop eating scones!! So I came home and went for a walk.

The sun was out and it is a balmy 12 C. I walked along the riverside and took a few photos. Then I climbed the hills for a more scenic view, These aren't mountains but man made spoil heaps or spetchels from what was once an ICI chemical plant. Sounds awful but it was lovely up there today. They are chalky like the white cliffs of Dover and are now a nature reserve being home to rare plants and butterflies.

A bit early yet for any of the flowers just lots of gorse bushes and a few crocuses in the garden.

I have got on well with the quilt this week, putting all the blocks together . Trying to get them all cut down to size was a bit of a fiddle and two of them needed to be unpicked and done again.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Flying without fear

After 28 years of being afraid of flying last weekend I finally over came it. With the help of a Virgin Flying Without Fear team and Jenny by my side , I was able to board a plane and have a short fight on a commercial airliner. The day was very intense, all sorts of information about how aeroplanes fly, the psychology of fear and lots of relaxation techniques. Emotions were up and down all day , through "lets go now and just get it over with" to "OMG I've made a huge mistake, get me out of here". It was a beautiful clear evening and as we took off over Newcastle, for the 25 minute flight, we could see all the lights of the North East below us. I don't think I could ever enjoy flying but I have done it and can do it again. Warm sunny holidays here we come. And I am really pleased with myself !!

As a distraction I spent Friday and Saturday sewing at the Fat Quarters, All the blocks are finished for the wish upon a star quilt.

This is the brightest.

And here is my posh new 12" onmigrid square I bought to trim them to size.

Jenny has been busy to , a bit of crazy patchwork and the Tilda pattern for a fabric noticeboard and she has a lovely present for a friend.

A busy week at work too but time today for a lovely lunch at Bradley gardens Nursery.

Happy Quilting xx

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

And a little bit of knitting too

Not a lot going on here this week. The weekend was mostly spent clearing out the garage in preparation for the cavity wall insulation which was done today. Hopefully we will be toasty warm at home next winter and save a fortune on the fuel bills. That will probably ensure a warm winter next year. I did find time however to plant some pretty primulas to brighten up the front door step and get in the mood for spring.

I made a concerted effort on the quilt this weekend and on Friday and Saturday managed to sew another 8 blocks, only 4 more to go. I have to concentrate or it all goes wrong and there is more unpicking than sewing. Here are a small selection. I am still worried about putting all those colours together though.

I found a knitted UFO while looking for something else the other day so I have decided to finish it. A little summer cardigan I started in spring 2006. It is knit in a sirdar cotton I paid £16 for then I went and bought a very similar one for £3 in a discount clothing store

And finally a note for Amanda :- my sister- in-law (Hi Chris) bought a Bernina that did cost more than a small family car. She loves her machine and just drives hubby's car instead. She did go for lots of lessons to know how to get the best out of its many functions so make sure there is a good back up service too.

Happy Quilting xx