Thursday, 12 March 2009

Flying without fear

After 28 years of being afraid of flying last weekend I finally over came it. With the help of a Virgin Flying Without Fear team and Jenny by my side , I was able to board a plane and have a short fight on a commercial airliner. The day was very intense, all sorts of information about how aeroplanes fly, the psychology of fear and lots of relaxation techniques. Emotions were up and down all day , through "lets go now and just get it over with" to "OMG I've made a huge mistake, get me out of here". It was a beautiful clear evening and as we took off over Newcastle, for the 25 minute flight, we could see all the lights of the North East below us. I don't think I could ever enjoy flying but I have done it and can do it again. Warm sunny holidays here we come. And I am really pleased with myself !!

As a distraction I spent Friday and Saturday sewing at the Fat Quarters, All the blocks are finished for the wish upon a star quilt.

This is the brightest.

And here is my posh new 12" onmigrid square I bought to trim them to size.

Jenny has been busy to , a bit of crazy patchwork and the Tilda pattern for a fabric noticeboard and she has a lovely present for a friend.

A busy week at work too but time today for a lovely lunch at Bradley gardens Nursery.

Happy Quilting xx


piecemaker said...

Congrats on the flying thing,didn't realise quite what a big deal it was. Enjoyed that book after a sticky start, has Kim borrowed it now ? Nice to see everyone yesterday ,will have to make more effort.That south of sanity blog wife is barking!!! excellent read.see you soon

Anonymous said...

Love the star quilt. I wonder if I'll ever get to that!! I have just finished making 20 pair of black pants for a play in the kids school so now I am ready to start my first thing.....I think it's going to be a cushion cover! Well done with the flying, trust Virgin to organise that, they really are the friendliest airline. (Amanda)

Crazy World News said...

Well done!

I'm happy that your efforts finally gave fruit. Personally I still have a long way to go. Here's my story and tips I found

It helps me and I sure hope it helps others as well.