Thursday, 26 March 2009

Mothers Day wishes

A belated Happy Mothers Day to all of you mums out there. The kids gave me a lovely day. Flowers and perfume from my DS and a beach bag and chocs from my DD. Breakfast in bed then we all went out for a delicious Sunday lunch.

I got the borders sewn on the quilt and the wording stitched on the border too. It was only when I looked at the pattern to see what to do next that I realised the stitching should have been done with 6 strands of DMC not the two that I used. Anyway 6 strands would not go through the needle threader. Next step is to put on the stars with raw edge applique. Sounds fancy but I think it just means machine stitching near to the edges - but do I use heat and bond first - pattern doesn't say, does any one know?

And finally this weeks scenic shot came in the course of duty. I had never been to Whalton Village before but it is very picturesque. Lying between Belsay and Morpeth it is the sort of place you only come across when you are lost or taking a short cut. However I was sent there. Luckily I had my camera in the car so took a few scenic shots, this is the best with the sun out and the daffs blowing in the breeze it looked lovely.


The Crafts House said...

It was lovely to meet you and your daughter,it was like meeting a friend!

Anonymous said...

Hallo.....? I have been away for a couple of weeks and got back to no new quilter news!! I'm missing it, has the weather been so nice that you have been out all day or are you gripped by a quilt....