Thursday, 19 March 2009

Holiday Thursday

Today I have taken a days leave from work to use up the end of my annual leave. My leave form had been added up incorrectly so I was given an extra day and I have made the most of it. First I went shopping in Newcastle, back to John Lewis haberdashery department to look at the Amy Butler fabrics again. I bought a pattern to make a halterneck sun top for my holidays and a few other bits and pieces. Next, refreshment time, and a pot of tea and the scone of the day in the restaurant. Today's scone was cheese and tomato - very tasty. Next I went to M&S to try to find some trousers that fit. I was horrified by the view in the mirror - obviously a magnifying mirror - all that can't be me!!! Must exercise and stop eating scones!! So I came home and went for a walk.

The sun was out and it is a balmy 12 C. I walked along the riverside and took a few photos. Then I climbed the hills for a more scenic view, These aren't mountains but man made spoil heaps or spetchels from what was once an ICI chemical plant. Sounds awful but it was lovely up there today. They are chalky like the white cliffs of Dover and are now a nature reserve being home to rare plants and butterflies.

A bit early yet for any of the flowers just lots of gorse bushes and a few crocuses in the garden.

I have got on well with the quilt this week, putting all the blocks together . Trying to get them all cut down to size was a bit of a fiddle and two of them needed to be unpicked and done again.


piecemaker said...

Great minds think alike, My Amy Butler pattern arrived in the post on Tuesday.It is for a dress/tunic. I havent done any dressmaking for about 10yrs, so it will be a bit of a challenge

Helen Charlton said...

What a lovely day you've had. I know what you mean about the mirrors in shops, they do that to me too!!!

Anonymous said...

hello where are you?