Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sunny Easter weekend

Happy Easter - a bit late I know but again the weather has been so good I have been outside away from the computer
The apple blossom has bloomed on the apple tree in the garden. Last year we had little blossom and only about a dozen apples on the tree, this year it is thick with blooms so we are hoping for a bumper crop of apples.We spent the Easter Weekend with the family up in the Scottish borders.
and went to the beach to create sculpture ..
and watch the wild life - on the way to the beach we saw a deer, a mole and buzzards flying over head.
The flowers on the shore were as good as the Gardens at Howick Hall last weekend - these bluebells were right at the edge of the beach. and the wild garlic filled the hill sides with pungent smelling flowers.
and there was still time for a little bit of knitting - I finished this baby hoody. Just buttons to add and it will be off in the post to Glasgow.

Happy Quilting xx

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Amanda said...

Halloooo, my sewing machine is in the shop for 2 weeks!!!! We think the movers may have damaged it, my embroidery arm won't plug I have tme to read and comment on blogs, bake some bread and I am going to make your shortbread buttons, they looked so cute.What else can you do without a machine?