Sunday, 3 April 2011

Pansies and other gorgeous things

Now I have 2 cameras, I have been experimenting a bit to see if I can improve the images on my blog. So now we can have every photo in close up.........................a bit further away ..............or at a distance....... Which ever way I look at them these pansies have bloomed magnificently with the spring sunshine. I bought them at the beginning of November as winter flowering pansies to brighten up the front of the house. After 3 weeks the snow came and wiped them out. Fortunately I had not got round to tipping the planters into the compost bin and suddenly they have bloomed again.The daffodils are also blooming ... these ones showing off in a jug I bought in a charity shop to put custard in at Christmas. But watch out for that table cloth - when I bought the fabric I wasn't sure what to do with it. But a metre of Amy Butler fabric for only £6 deserved something special.But I think it is more useful as a pinny. I can just about make this pattern with my eyes shut now. A present for a friend who is retiring - I hope she doesn't feel tied to the kitchen sink by the apron strings!! I bought these lovely little tags from Helen at Busy Bees Studios open day last week.And I've been putting them on everything I've made this week. A pair of quilted hotties.And a sweet little make up bag made from a Moda Honey bun which is a tiny jelly roll of 1 1/2 " strips of fabric. They came in a pack of 2 and have been lurking at the bottom of my stash for the last 2 years or so.
I have torn myself away from the sewing table to do a bit of gardening, I bought some new lavender plants, a few primroses and a pretty white flowering perennial called Snow Cap.
And here it is with all the other gorgeous things that I bought from the gorgeous Helen at her gorgeous Busy Bee studio in the gorgeous sunshine last weekend.

Hope you like the photos

Happy Quilting xx

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Helen said...

Oh thanks for the mention, much love Helen xx