Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Lynne Edwards Sampler quilt Challenge

All started well with the Tumbling blocks block from the Lynne Edwards Sampler quilt book. No problems - a few evenings of hand sewing and all was well ( although I am not brave enough to cut out the white background fabric from behind the blocks - what happens if it all falls to pieces?)

Up for more of a challenge I moved onto book 2 and the Tangled Star block. This very nearly became the strangled star block. I just could not get the pieces to join together.
I thought I'll have a break - do another block - this time the Playing cards block and come back to it ....
I came back to it but no... it would not cooperate so I thought I would go back to knitting and bought this lovely book.. Usbourne's How to Knit.
It must be possible - I have done it before. This tangled star cushion was my very first attempt at patchwork nearly 4 years ago - although I had step by step instruction from Kim.
Eventually it has started to come together - it has taken 5 days and lots of wasted fabric to get to this small start of one corner of the block - I think this is going to be a slow quilt.

Happy quilting xx

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