Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Bluebells and lots of quilts

Bluebells are really beautiful in the woods at the moment and in my garden too.
This lovely wood is right by the main road near to my home, but well protected with a barbed wire fence.
And the bluebell colours are in keeping with this lovely quilt I saw when I visited a friend last week. The Dresden Plate block is quite dramatic in blues and purples and the plain blocks are quilted in a Dresden plate shape pattern too.
More blues with the geometric card trick pattern - all done by hand - Inspiration for me to keep going with my sampler quilt
The third quilt in Margaret's collection is a beautifully hand quilted pattern with beads and colonial knots.
Here is a close up of one of the blocks. The quilt took her 18 months to complete - a treasured heirloom but she sleeps under it every night.

Margaret T has been busy too. On Friday afternoon she showed us her latest work in progress, a fantastic applique of an African village. This has taken her just 3 weeks to do.

In between times she has pieced this Star strip quilt with her machine but quilted it by hand - it reminds me of harvest time and ploughed fields.
Irene is having a run on doll making at the moment - her latest project is this lovely Japanese doll.

I have been finishing off my machine quilting - just the binding to sew on. It is good to be able to admire other people's quilts and take inspiration from them. I'm inspired - hope you are too!

Happy Quilting xx


Anonymous said...

Oh Lor! I don't know if I am inspired or defeated!!!

Jackie said...

Love the quilts, esp the blue ones.

Middle Cottage Diary said...

I love your quilting, just wish I had time to give it a try. So many things, so little time.