Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Letters to the Editor

Well I'm nearly famous!! I nearly forgot to tell you all that I had a letter published in British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine this month. Way back in May I made a bag for Margaret from a pattern in a previous magazine, took a picture and emailed it off with a quick note. I got a nice email back from Dianne Huck but didn't think about it anymore until I opened this months P&Q magazine. I suppose it would have been better to be featured in "Profile of a quilter" but we all have to start somewhere.
Not much sewing done this week but the next project for the Fat Quarters Club is out. Meet Bonzer and Beaut. Aren't they cute.

The weather was too nice at the weekend to be sat indoors sewing so after gardening for a while I picked the first of the Autumn crop of apples. Now they are sitting looking at me in the kitchen calling out to be made into an apple crumble or pie.
Unfortunately I am laid low with a rotten cold and the most I have made in the last 2 days is a cup of tea. My DH and DD have had to fend for themselves while DS lives on buffet food at work. My nose is like Rudolph's and my head is like a pumpkin, sort of hollow feeling but filled with mush.

Happy Quilting

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mellyandrosie said...

YAY!!! Bonzer & Beaut have found their way to your home!!! I am now madly designing the last "Melly & me" project for the club which is a Christmas pattern - hope you will like this too!! Your bag looks fab and I cant wait to see your new Koala friends!!