Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Using up left overs

On Friday at The Fat Quarters, it was Irene's turn to show off her finished works. She has made this quilt to use up leftovers from a couple of quilts she made using Jelly rolls. The big blocks are simple but effective and the overall effect is lovely.I am still addicted to the needle turn applique and the second Summer garden cushion from Rosalie Quinlan's book is now well underway. I thought the circle would be difficult but with a dinner plate to draw a circle and the bias strip maker it actually came together quite easily. It is just nice to sit cosy, as the nights are drawing in, in front of the TV with some sewing on your lap, being creative but not too energetic. The finished cushions are quite big about 22" square so I have had difficulty finding a big pad to fit. Some serious shopping was called for, so, on Saturday with the help of 2 Helens and Julie, I managed to find some in Dickinson's store in Hexham. I put the first cushion in pride of place on the bed, half an hour later I came back upstairs to find my DH watching TV with his head on it!!! Its just for admiring, not for lying on!!
My DD had been bored while I was out so I bought all the ingredients for a banoffee pie which she made that evening. The tin of toffee alone has over 1000 calories so heaven knows what a slice of pie is, but who cares? It tasted delicious.

Happy Quilting

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