Monday, 20 October 2008

Good intentions...

The weekend started with good intentions. On Friday at the Fat Quarters we were all working well being looked after by the lovely Anne in Kim's absence. I have started on Beaut, the little Koala. Perhaps I ate too many muffins or Tunnock's tea cakes but by the time I got home I felt awful. I have been fighting off a bug all weekend, just lying about feeling grotty. No more sewing got done but lots of reading. I am enjoying the new book by Ian Rankin, Doors Open, it's just unfortunate he gave a hint as to the ending on the One Show tonight.

Then there was the new book from Jamie Oliver, Jamie's Ministry of Food. Well he's got a lot to answer for, making us working women feel guilty about feeding our families convenience food. Tonight I set off on the first recipe, Quick SalmonTikka with cucumber yogurt. It looked good and tasted lovely. Unfortunately the cucumber yogurt had a life of its own and wouldn't stay on the fork. Each of us in turn dropped the cucumber yogurt down our clothes so as well as cooking I have had a load of washing to do!! Jamie just wait til I get my hands on you! My recommendation, if you make it, is to make the portions twice as big and issue everyone with a pelican bib.

I had a nice parcel in the post, a pattern from Buttonberry, Apron Strings by Leanne Beasley. I have plans for Christmas pressies with this pattern so watch this space.

Because I haven't been far this weekend a photo from the archives to remind us what spring was like. A sharp clear day at StAbbs in May.

Happy quilting xx

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Gill - That British Woman said...

is it worth the money the Jamie Oliver book? As I may put that on my wish list for Christmas......

Gill in Canada