Thursday, 24 January 2008

Square in a square quilt - foundation piecing

I took a day off work today to go to a class at The Fat Quarters, on foundation piecing. My last attempt at foundation piecing on the sea horses quilt ended up in the bin, so I was determined to master it. The class was taught by local teacher, Ann Hannaby. Although it seemed complicated at first we soon got the hang of it, and despite a few mistakes and some unpicking, all finished one or two blocks by the end of the day. It is amazing how the same block in the four different choices of fabric looked so different. I was pleased with the effect of these William Morris prints I had chosen. Two blocks done only 23 to go. The photos show Ann discussing the pattern with Cath, Kathleen ironing some pieces with her clover mini iron and my first two blocks.

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The Fat Quarters said...

Hope you are ok missed you on Friday. Your square in a square blocks look good, how many have you done now?
Hope to see you Friday.