Sunday, 20 January 2008

Quilt -o-matic

Jenny has now recovered from flu and is back to school tomorrow, I have not had much time for sewing this week and missed the class at the fat quarters on Friday. However I did have time to finish off the binding on the Nancy Halvorsen Love is ... calendar. This was my first effort with the fab-u-motion fabric mover, the quilt-o-matic or ouija board as it is affectionately known. I was pleased with the result as the free motion quilting was quite small and close together and it was quick to do. I now feel confident to tackle it on a bigger project. Today I have started sewing Michael's black and white quilt, inspired by the black and white quilt on Leanne Beasley's blog (must get that book!). I was very good and before I started sewing I gave the machine a good clean out, its amazing how much fluff collects.

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Anonymous said...

hi, your camera does take very clear photos. they make everything look good,!! looking forward to our friday lunch, do you think janet realised we had changed the venue,? keep up the good work, emtee.