Sunday, 30 December 2007

Happy Christmas to me.

Well on Friday I bought my Christmas present to myself. A Fab-u-motion. This is a fabric mover to attach to the sewing machine which makes it very light and easy to manoeuvre the fabric to sew in free motion, either quilting or embroidery. After watching the instruction DVD 3 times I eventually pluck up the courage to put it on the machine and have a go. It certainly made free motion quilting much easier and easier to keep the pattern quite small and neat. I also decided to have a go following a quilting stencil in free motion too, which was successful. I purchased this little heart stencil at the Fat Quarters on Saturday. While I was there Kim and I had a long conversation about sewing machine needles as I am guilty of just using the same needdle for months and months until I break it before putting in a new one. I bought some demin needles which Bonny recommended for quilting at the Husqvarna demonstration a few weeks ago. I am going to have a go with the free motion on this Nancy Halvorsen Calendar panel. However I still like a bit of hand sewing in front of the TV so this little stitchery has kept me going

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