Thursday, 27 December 2007

Christmas Day

Well this is what it was all leading up to... the months of preparation, shopping and spending...... Christmas Day culminating in a big family lunch. Now the kids are older we didn't have to get up until nearly nine o'clock but they were still excited for their presents. My sister and her family came to spend the day and Dad was staying for a few days too so there were 9 of us for lunch. I also got more quilting type gifts, a book, Tips for Quilters, some nice small pointed scissors, a desk top needle threader (so I can thread needles without my specs now!!), some lovely embroidered ribbon and a cute little cup cake trinket box which will live on my sewing table. My other favourite presents were the Jackie annual and Jackie - The CD, just right for bringing back teenage memories for those sad 40 somethings among us. I have spent the last 2 days sitting in the conservatory , sewing and singing along to David Cassidy,David Essex, Donny Osmond, The Bay City Rollers, Mud, Roxy Music, Peter Frampton.....


piecemaker said...

My mother blew her top when she read the Cathy & Claire page about 37 yrs ago !!!! will you be at FQ Friday?

Woolfish said...

Bay City Rollers, David Essex....Now they were the 'good old days'.
Love all the quilts you have made, and you father showed me the quilt you made for him, it is just brilliant. I will do hand sewn anything but don't ask me to go near a sewing machine, if and when I do it takes me hours to do the simplest of things, I have my Grannys Bernina, so I should be able to do wonders with it.
One day, maybe after I have done my tax returns. Well done with the quilts, they are lovely.