Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Homemade Christmas - Move over Kirsty

This year my sister and I have had a bit of a homemade thing going on - Inspired by Kirsty Allsop and her Homemade Christmas TV programmes last year - we started early.
Helen made chocolate lollies - are they healthy if they have fruit and nuts on them?
I made her a knitting needle case .......
......and the i pinny. It has a special pocket to put her i pod in so she can listen while she cooks.
.....then Peter contributed with homemade chutneys.
I fought back with a knitted Dalek washcloth for Jenny! Exfoliate , exfoliate !!
And finally finishing her knitting on Christmas eve with these man mitts for Michael.
With these lovely gifts I hope I will be inspired to do more next year. And expect some changes to the blog inspired by that Blogging for Bliss book. ( If I ever get time to read it)
After the present opening there was a bit of tidying up to do. But aren't those wellies fab?
Not to mention a huge pile of washing up.
and finally a family portrait with a guest appearance by Auntie Sheila.

Hope you had a Happy Christmas too.

Happy Quilting xx

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