Sunday, 25 April 2010

Blossom and Busy Bees

Spring has sprung and the garden is full of flowers and blossom. I don't know what this little shrub is , I bought it for 50p at a school fayre years ago but it puts a lovely show on every year - which is more than can be said for Whitney Houston
For Christmas I bought my DH tickets to see Whitney Houston at the Newcastle Arena. We had looked forward to it for months but the press reviews were poor. Whitney was full of cold and disappointing to say the least. She coughed and sneezed her way through the show. The big numbers were sung by her backing group with Whitney just putting in a few Diva warbles here and there. Certainly past her sell by date!!
Today we have been out visiting other bloggers again. After a treck through the Durham country side , down some strange single track roads following the sat nav, we found Busy Bees studio.
Helen has this wonderful studio in a The Old Goose House which was open for the day.
with lots of lovely things to buy. Her next open day is in May - go and pay her a visit. Or in the mean time - check out her blog here
I have been doing some sewing too. I have got around to quilting my latest creation. I wanted to machine quilt it with a pattern rather than just stippling.
Free motion quilting is quick but certainly not easy.
First , the preparation,
1. Cancel everything else that needs your attention
2. Get in plenty of take away menus - you won't be able to stop to cook.
3. Set up your machine as per the instruction book.
4. Ensure all the planets are lined up in the most favourable horoscope

5.Trace the design onto the quilt.
6. Concentrate
7. Sew - go for it!
8. Don't get complacent and think "I've got it!" as this causes the thread to snap immediately.

And if you're lucky it will come out OK as its near to impossible to unpick.

Just the border to do now , Will keep you posted.

Happy quilting xx


Helen said...

The shrub is called "wedding day" . . mine aren't out yet! It was lovely to meet you on Sunday . . and thanks for the link . . . keep in touch. . . love Helen xx

Middle Cottage Diary said...

That little shrub is amazing, great value for 50p! I will have to look up the busy bee studio, looks interesting.