Monday, 12 April 2010

Up close with Alpacas

After plans for a weekend away had to be cancelled at the last minute- we had an unexpected bonus on a run out into the country. We have passed by a field of alpacas before at Lowgate just south of Hexham and have stopped to take blog photos. This time when I was leaning over the farm wall with my camera , the owner shouted us in to come and meet the alpacas.
The owners of Wear Alpaca have a herd of 12 alpacas, with 6 of the females pregnant , lots more babies on the way. They were quite timid but allowed us into their field and let us feed them by hand. It was great to be so close to them and look at their lovely coats and find out all about the process which turns the raw fleece into their lovely hand knit accessories.
Their collections are created by local knitwear designer Susanne Steward and knit using the traditional skills of Northumbrian ladies. Visit the Wear Alpaca website for a closer look.
When we eventually were able to tear ourselves away from the alpacas we carried on to visit Katie in her new shop Make at Allendale. This is the ultimate etsy shop. One with a door, windows, counter and a till. Lots of lovely goodies to buy too. Upstairs is her workshop where she will be running classes and next door a bakery and tea shop.
The weather was so lovely we sat outside in Katie's bath seat and sampled tea and cakes from the bakery while we chatted. Do try and get up to visit her and support this great new venture.

Inspired by Katie's great ethic of recycling, I came home and decided to see what I could make from my stash. This fabric Michael chose when he was a toddler and I made him a pair of trousers from it. Then Jenny had a PE bag made from it and 20 years on I used the last piece to make this apron. I guess at 20 years old it is a vintage fabric. The Leanne Beasley Apron Strings pattern is used yet again.
And before we went out we did a spot of gardening - here is the front garden looking quite tidy.

Happy Quilting xx


katie said...

thank you Pauline - it was a treat to see you and your very own J Edward! and your sister the next day - how lovely you all are!

Anonymous said...

Glad you managed to have a good weekend after all. Those alpacas are better looking than many of the folks you'd have met on Saturday night :)

Shirl x