Sunday, 4 October 2009

Lavender sachets

With a good crop of lavender this year I have made some lavender sachets to hang in the wardrobe. There was an underlying reason for this - I went to the class at the Fat Quarters on Friday with my sewing machine and a bag of scraps instead of the fabric I needed to work on the pin wheel baby quilt.

A quick trip into Oxfam on Saturday to buy some cards and I found they now do a range of craft materials. These Zari patchwork pieces come from Varanesi. The India shop works to provide sustainable employment for disadvantaged producers in India. I used two of the patchwork squares to make a pretty little coin purse - lined with calico and a short zip ( 20% off all haberdashery at Robbs of Hexham).

I did eventually get around to doing some more of the pin wheels - they are a bit tedious. I have decided to modify the pattern and only use 30 blocks not 36, making the quilt rectangular rather than square. 27 done - only 3 more to go!!

This weeks scenic shot is of the Tyne Valley looking North towards the Roman Wall.

In the distance we saw these ....

and followed the sign...

Well who could resist??

Happy quilting xx

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