Monday, 12 October 2009

What a way to spend an afternoon!!

Really - what more could a girl want? This months new patchwork and quilting mag, a cup of tea and an apple muffin.

In an unaccustomed moment of domesticity yesterday I made these apple muffins. With plenty more apples on the tree still to be used they made a change from apple crumble and apple pie and they are much more easily transported in lunch boxes (or down the garden with a cup of tea and a magazine)

I did deserve the break though as I had just had a long walk down the river to Wylam. Instead of the short walk 20 minutes along the riverside path and back to the car , I packed my sandwiches and walked to Wylam intending to get the train back.

Unfortunately the train pulled out of the station just as I got there but it did give me time to go back and photograph this heron and cormorant sitting on a rock in the river. Believe me that's what these 2 dots in the middle of the river are. Earlier I saw a kingfisher - the first time I have ever seen one in the wild in this country- but it didn't stay still long enough for a photo opportunity.
I just love the autumn colours of the berries
and these teasels growing wild by the river were quite autumnal too. Apparently their seeds are food for finches.

Oh and I have done some sewing too. More pin wheels and more lavender bags. With the plaid ones I was going for a masculine effect but my dear son informs me there is no such thing as a manly lavender bag!!

Happy quilting xx


Andrelsea said...

Have you missed me? I have been reading your blog but not had chance to reply! I think I have figured out how to be a member and I did it all in German, the lessons must be working. I loved the lavender bags and thought I might make some for Xmas gifts fot the other teachers, sadly, I will have to buy my lavender.

Anonymous said...

well your muffins look lovely, please can you share the recipe with me ,i have some lovely apples to use ,anon