Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Durham Quilting in Weardale

What better place to see some Durham Quilting than Weardale in County Durham itself.
The good weather enticed us out of the house ;- first to picnic on the moors
and then to visit the Weardale museum at Ireshopeburn.
I had pleasant memories of a holiday there as a teenager with my friend Judy. We swam in the river every day- and that was before it was called wild swimming and was the trendy thing to do.
The Weardale museum is also the home of the Weardale tapestry. The 16 foot tapestry in five large panels was sewn in freestyle embroidery by Friends in Stitches. It depicts the history of Weardale from prehistoric times to the present day.
There were 3 quilts in the museum too. A whole cloth quilt dated 1875 in the downstairs "kitchen" and this one hanging in the stairwell.

And then there was this fabulous whole cloth quilt by Amy Emms on display too. It was good to be able to get right up close to look at the intricate stitching.

Here is more of a close up.

I am still working on the pin wheels - they are quite slow to do. I am trying to keep them quite precise, I do each one exactly the same however some come out perfect and others don't!!

I made a pin cushion and needle case for my DD who has just started an A level textile course. I made her this starter kit with scissors, pins and tape measure to stop my kit disappearing off to school.

I have done a bit knitting too, finishing off a beanie hat in the left over baby cashmerino to match the little cardigan. I just hope the baby is a boy - I don't think this teal colour is unisex- I thought it more of a green when I bought it.
I've also bought a couple of magazines - I don't actually knit or sew in bed but I can always read these for inspiration.

Happy Quilting xx


Anonymous said...

the quilt museum looks interesting, fancy marking that amy emms quilt out, we are hoping to go next week to see it.

scott davidson said...

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