Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Nantucket and holiday plans

Holidays from work have meant that I have been busy sewing over the last few days. The Nantucket quilt is finished and handed over to my DS. We then had to rearrange the living room to accommodate it. She was really pleased with it. I quilted it on the machine using a wavy embroidery stitch but found the fabric gradually crept while sewing. When I came to sew across the pattern it started to go into little folds, so I just did one row down the centre and one on each border. However the finished effect is good. I was particularly pleased with the Nancy Halvorsen extra wide fabric I used for the backing as it went really well with the Moda fabric. Here is a close up of my favorite fabric, with little buckets on it, showing the seaside theme.
Helen bought me this Cath Kidston button tin and the cute buttons to put in it as a thank you.

I was also pleased with the label. I read a tip in a book that suggested you print the quilt label words on the computer, choosing a font to match the quilt design, then hold a piece of pale fabric or calico on top of the print up at the window and trace the wording through with an indelible pen, then sew onto the quilt back. I used the pale cream fabric with anchors on it. Quick, easy and very effective.
The next project has already started. I am making the cushions from Rosalie Quinlan's Gift book. This is my first attempt at needle turn appliqué. I wanted some hand sewing to take away on holiday. I've just got to leave it alone until the packing is finished.

Sometimes blogger just gets the better of me. Last night it wouldn't down load photos or save the text. Tonight we have this underlined text. Don't know where that came from. Sorry.


Rhondee said...

I love the quilt and thanks for the tip on labeling. What a great idea. I always seem to balk at the labeling process but you idea seems easy.

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