Monday, 28 July 2008

Too hot for blogging

What a difference a week has made to the weather. Last weekend we were freezing cold in waterproofs dodging the showers and this weekend we are sitting in the shade because the sun is too hot.

A weekend at home but not a lot of sewing done, lots of sitting about in the shade and reading a good book. I did venture in when it got too hot and did a bit of machine quilting on the Nantucket quilt but I didn't take a close up shot. I have quilted with a fancy machine embroidery stitch over the seam line between the blocks to hide where the points don't meet quite right. When got a close look I think I must have put it together without wearing my glasses. Oh well, no one's perfect.

On Friday afternoon we got on with the Rosalie Quinlan project and the Alice dolls are coming on slowly, although Irene had just about finished. Here is Alice sunbathing naked because I haven't made her clothes yet!I did pick out some fabrics to make a cushion from the Rosalie Quinlan Gift book, so that's the next project.


Gill - That British Woman said...

If you want heat come over here........should be hitting 100 oF by Monday here in Southern Ontario........

Gill from Canada

Colour Blind said...

lovely picture of alnwick