Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Holiday Pics

We had a lovely holiday in France last week but now we are back down to earth with a bump. As well as being back to work, today Michael has been in hospital having a tooth out under general anaesthetic, just to add to the stress. Not a lot of chat tonight but some nice photo memories to remind me of our lovely break. I did enjoy sewing the cushion cover from Rosalie's Gift book and my attempts at needle turn applique are improving, however most of it was done in artificial light in the evenings and it would be easier to see in the day light. Special thanks to Dawn for looking after Magic, Jenny's rabbit while we were away.
Is that Robinson Crusoe? No it's my DH relaxing on the beach in his little beach shelter.
I do like beach huts. These ones were in Boulogne, more to follow.
This street in Le Touquet looks so very different from anything you would see in Northumberland!!
Picnic lunch A Baguette . What else?
Strange Englishwoman doing applique on balcony of apartment.

The French seem to like to mix flowers and vegetables in their floral displays.

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