Saturday, 23 February 2008

Little woolly bunnies

Friday was time again for a quilters lunch, so the Friday afternoon class met up at The Herb Patch for a light lunch. Despite being school holidays it was very quiet in the cafe and we had a lovely relaxed lunch before setting off to the Fat Quarters to do some sewing. Helen wasn't able to join us because she was chained to the Gammill machine down in the basement again. This weeks show and tell was Dawn's cute rabbit she has knitted. Made from 100% alpaca wool with an Aran jumper he is so cuddly. Not to be left out when we got home Jenny took some pictures of her own rabbit, Magic, equally cute but she does not sit still long enough to be cuddled!!

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Anonymous said...

Magic is absolutely beautiful!!! I didn't know she was grey bunny, love grey rabbits.If ever you need a bunny-sitter.....have a good weekend.Dawn