Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Spring Quilt Festival Edinburgh

Last weekend I was lucky enough to visit the Spring quilt festival in Edinburgh. As always it was so inspiring to see these magnificent quilts close up. This year we were able to see some which had previously featured in magazines Like this one 'A Family Christmas' by Anja Townrow and to be able to stand and talk to Anja about her quilts . Every quilt is worth a mention but here I have picked out a few which inspired me in different ways which I will share with you.
'Flower Power' By Judith Wilson had wonderful free motion machine quilting which was not just a filler but part of the bigger picture too. After my recent attempts at free motion quilting I was very impressed by this.
'Floral Strip Series' by Dilys Fronks were described as small quilts she did between bigger projects. Fabric shapes she cut with pinking shears were used like dabs of paint to 'paint' a picture with fabric - the result is stunning.
Runner up in the Journal Quilt challenge, Christine Ireland inspired me with the printing of historical images onto fabric. With her 'Memories of my Father - John MacArthur' she has been able to record her family history onto fabric.Lesley Brankin's collection - 'To Paint or not to Paint' featured all kinds of techniques. I have once or twice kept a journal on holiday but these were a wonderful representation of a holiday journal 'Venetian Days' with the fabric printed, painted, and then quilted. Amazing.And Lesley showed us that inspiration can come from anywhere such as the tea towel which inspired this quilt 'There is always one ' I was inspired by her use of machine embroidery used to give the fish scales - no two were the same and I liked the designer bubbles.

Hope you were inspired too.

Happy Quilting xx

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