Monday, 26 September 2011

Practical bags and lots of luggage

Off to Uni. Jenny has flown the nest and is off to Uni with the entire contents of her bedroom and a good half of the stock of the local shops too. We got there and went out and bought more, so we will have to hire a van to bring her home at the end of the year. Here's wishing her Good Luck in her studies!!
So to keep me busy, I went out and bought some fabric and a pattern to make something. A practical bag design by Tanya Whelan.
and very practical it is too - big enough for odd bits of shopping but quite smart too. The linen fabric by Lecien was lovely to work with and the greige colour is very up to date too.
I have also been out to a quilt show too - at The Quilters Cupboard near Durham. Lots of inspiration and good ideas.
like a block I'd never seen before on a sampler quilt....
and look how this stencil shape for the quilting completely changes the look of this block.

and new ideas --hitting flowers with a hammer?

add a little bit of machine embroidery and suddenly you have a work
of art. I would love to try this.
These sea horses by Maggie were great too - a three dimensional piece of textile art - a recent prize winner at the Harrogate quilt show.
This was my favourite quilt - but there was no name on it so I can't mention you by name but it is really lovely.

I really enjoyed my day out in Durham, Lovely to meet fellow quilters to get inspiration and new ideas, (and drink tea and eat lots of cake!!)

Happy Quilting xx


Lyn said...

good luck to Jenny i am sure she will do well. ive done the flowers bashing except i did it with leaves its called hapa zome i think!
great for getting your frustration out!

Anonymous said...

Hope your nest isn't feeling too empty. I'm sure Jenny is having lots of fun.

Shirl x