Sunday, 9 January 2011

Age is but a number ......

but unfortunately for me - a big number.

So we went here to celebrate .................and see a show. Hairspray was fantastic. This was the touring show starring Michael Ball as Edna. Mickey Dolenz of Monkees fame played her husband and together they were hilarious. I can thoroughly recommend it .
Now I am old enough to be a Great Aunt, I have finished the first baby cardigan. This Sirdar Snuggly snowflake yarn looks and feels lovely but has been horrible to knit. It is not possible to see individual stitches as you go so it has been very difficult to spot mistakes and to unpick stitches. Picking up the stitches along the front for the band was almost impossible too but it all worked out in the end.
I couldn't find any buttons I liked in Hexham yesterday so I got some self cover button out of my work bag, then I had the choice of lots of fabric from my scrap box to make the perfect buttons. I chose this faded rosebud fabric from the Durham quilt collection by Lecien. Aren't they cute and if the scan is wrong and it's a boy - then we just recover the buttons.
The quilt for baby number 2 is coming on well. The sheep look great now they have been appliqued in black. Back in the scrap box again I found the ideal orange fabric for the flowers.
The Friday afternoon class at the Fat Quarters has become an applique class. Julie is working on this cup cake design.
and Margaret's Friendship Quilt is coming along great too.But to keep the sewing machines in use Janet is making a Moroccan inspired throw for her brother with a nine patch design. Lovely warm fabrics aren't they.

Happy Quilting xx


Lyn said...

oh they all look great! I can't wait to get back into my sewing!
You have inspired me

Pixie Peg said...

Happy Birthday Pauline....the cardy looks very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday youngster! I love that sirdar wool, I made lots of baby blankets that ended up being security the Florida heat! So due to demand I had to knit little patches that babies could take out with them and keep the big blankie at home. It is difficult to knit with though. I am off to a 11 year olds house today to help her with her sewing machine.....Wish me luck. Any ideas what she could make?
Amanda (Mandy)