Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Last days of summer

Cotton candy bali pops- my latest quilt top is coming together at long last. There have been at least 4 mistakes in this pattern by Suzanne McNeill from her book I Love Batiks. I would like to be using my blog to make recommendations - but this is a warning - look out for these patterns- they don't work! If I had been a beginner I would have been completely stuck with this pattern and all of this lovely fabric would have been confined to the UFO box.Between the showers the garden has been full of butterflies - and the distressed paintwork of my garden seat has been a great place for them to dry their wings - there were 6 on the seat that I managed to capture in this photo.
Himalayan balsam is in the local news as it is taking over the riverbanks on the Tyne. Not a native of the North of England, it is taking over the habitat of the native plants ...
..But isn't it pretty... and I remember seeing it in Monet's garden in France.
There are lots of sheep about at the moment - these 5 are on a lovely new baby quilt Margaret is making in the Friday afternoon class at the Fat Quarters.Taken from a Lynn Edwards Pattern, they are very cute and isn't her stitching lovely and neat on that applique.
And finally no weekend is complete without tea and a scone. This is probably the best scone with jam and cream ( Jersey cream and butter!) that I have ever had! and I have tried a few! This is definitely a recommendation for cream teas at Wheelbirks ice cream parlour if you are passing.

Happy Quilting xx


Toby Tea Cozy said...

Oh I must get myself down to the FQ on a weekend, at Janet Clare's recommendation I headed down to take a look but haven't found the time to go back, but the fabric I bought there was great and they were so lovely in the shop!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have rold me about Himalayan Balsam! Mam and I were walking by the River Wye a couple of weeks a go and neither of us knew what the gorgeous pink flowers were. See ... the internet IS educational!! Love, Shirl x

Anonymous said...

Great quilts again. I wish I had the time and energy you ladies seem to have! Love Moms sheepy quilt.