Monday, 21 June 2010

My Flower Garden Quilt

My garden has grown from a collection of plants I have gathered from other peoples gardens and moved around from place to place, so there is no colour coordinated plan. This blue clematis was rescued from under the conservatory when it was being built, unfortunately it has blossomed on the very top of a six foot fence , behind the shed. The best place to see it is from next doors bathroom window.
Underneath the clematis is this yellow perennial, I don't know what it is called but it was given to me many years ago, by a client who had to dig up his garden so we could install a ramp for his wife to get out in her wheelchair.I don't have many roses in the garden but this one is also climbing up the fence, entangled between honeysuckle and bamboo.
You can see the many colours of my chaotic planting style.
But you can see where the colour inspiration for this quilt has come from. I was a bit worried how all the colours would work in this quilt, but with the Grandmother's Fan block, I am bringing it all together - I might call it my flower garden quilt.

Happy Quilting xx

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