Sunday, 7 February 2010

Yet Another Birthday.

The celebrations have been continuing in our house since my last blog.
Jenny has had a birthday too. An expensive one - 17 - means adding her to my car insurance and learning to drive. She has had 2 lessons so far and has now been into fourth gear - so watch out!
I have finished piecing the top for the Linus quilt I have been making from scraps. There is still a border to go on but I think it is a quite dramatic effect - this is not a quilt for a peaceful night's sleep.
Margaret has finished her sampler quilt, even put a hanging sleeve on the back. It is really lovely, I am inspired to have a go at one myself.
Here is my latest creation - The world's largest pin cushion! At a massive 9 inches across it was described in Rosalie Quinlan's book A stitch in time - as a large pin cushion which wouldn't get lost on your sewing table. Mine will have to stay on my sewing table - it is so big that if I want to take it to class - I will have to get a bigger car. I have enjoyed making it however. I have been full of cold for the last two days so just sat on the sofa, watching rubbish on TV and sewing my pin cushion.
Here is the king of the pin cushions taking his place among my smaller pin cushions.

I have decided to put a picture of the book I am reading on my blog. A trip into the Oxfam bookshop in Hexham yesterday saw me buy this Look back in Hunger by Jo Brand. I love it when I find something second hand which I could have paid full price for. So Jo Brand I can hear her voice when I am reading it.

Happy Quilting x


Anonymous said...

What is the craze with pin cushions? I just made mom one too! Is your house always as tidy as it looks in your blog photos? I always tidy up my sewing area after looking at your blog. It's amazing the things you find!

Andrelsea said...

My German class must be helping, I managed to sign up and sign in! Let's hope it continues.