Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Valentines day

With all the birthdays out of the way it is now time to turn our thoughts to Valentines day. My DH bought me these lovely roses. I am not a great flower arranger as you can tell.
Holiday from work has found us out and about locally again. We have been to Gateshead to see the Knitted Lives exhibition at the Shipley Art Gallery.

Knitted Lives, an Equal Arts project, is a colourful and beautifully crafted exhibition, created by local women working with textile artists Fiona Rutherford and Jenny Burns. Celebrating the knitters’ personal histories and full of energy and humour, the surprising collection features everything from a midwife's bike to boots and cricket bats to cakes. Sorry I didn't take any pictures but search "knitted lives" on google images to see the results for yourself.
Inspired I got out my knitting again. I am knitting a batwing cardigan in Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. Unfortunately I did not think it through when I bought the yarn - knitted on size 11 needles it grows very slowly and it may take me forever more to finish it.
Haven't knitting needles changed recently. All my needles came from my Nana and so were about 60 or 70 years old. Suddenly the size 8 s went missing and I had to go and buy a new pair - and surprise surprise they had pointy ends which made the knitting much easier . Mine must have gone blunt with over use. Since then I have collected these Pony Bamboo needles, Brittany needles made from birch wood and the pretty bead topped needles. Who would have though the knitting needle could come in so many variations.

I have been getting on with my Linus quilt too this week, last night I machine quilted the blocks, just got the border to finish tonight. I am really please with it considering it is made from scraps.
The Brightest Star in the Sky is the latest book on my bedside table. A Christmas present from my DH. Jo Brand was read in less than a week and is thoroughly recommended, especially to women in our age group ( I am a couple of years younger than Jo). As well as being an entertaining read it was so evocative of so many memories of my own miss spent youth.

And finally this week's scenic shot was taken back in January when the snow was at its worst - this is the car park for my office - very pretty in these conditions. Personally I prefer tarmac and cars to snow boots and pretty!

And a special message for my DS who is hovering around before starting her own blog -- GET ON WITH IT!!

Happy quilting xx

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Amanda said...

Help....I need some ideas! I have had the flu for 5 days and now have NO voice. I can't teach without my voice so I have to sit at home with lots of lovely fabric but no inspiration. Any ideas, anyone?
Love Marian Keyes but just read a very surprising article about her and her depression.