Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Presents for Friends

Most of last weekend was spent making gifts for Christmas, I can't show them all here for obvious reasons . I also managed to finish of the fourth project from the Fat Quarters club. I am really pleased with this lovely needle case. It turned out almost perfect, except when I got to the end I had a bit left. When making the fastening tab for the button the pattern said "stitch and put to one side". Unfortunately when I got to the end, the button tab was still "put to one side". Never mind, a bit of jiggery pokery and it all came together. It even looks like the photo on the pattern.

I love the fabric Durham quilting collection by Lecien. I used it in pink on one of the aprons on last weeks post.
Jenny has completed the last of her crazy patchwork bags on a theme of music and rainbows. They are all wrapped and ready to go.

And she even found time to dress up for another murder mystery party. This time no sewing was required only recycling of an old dressing gown and the chop sticks I use for stuffing and turning things inside out.

Happy Quilting xx


Anonymous said...

Jenny looks great! Wishing everyone a great Christmas....Amanda

Anonymous said...

mum!!!!! why did you put that picture on the internet?!?!!!!??!!!

Anonymous said... me, mom's get worse with age! Your's is very tame right now. lol Amanda