Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Cold and Frosty Mornings

Over the last few days we have had very cold and icy conditions here in the North of England. On Sunday Jenny and I went to the Wetlands and Wildfowl Trust at Washington. It was sunny and lovely but ooh soo cold. -4 degrees in the afternoon.

The birds migrate to the Wetlands area at this time of year and are in their most colourful plumage.

This was definitely the prettiest duck

Even the ponds were frozen.

These geese took food straight from Jenny's hand.

When we came home we got down to some more sewing , another apron nearly finished.
Its not that I have got completely carried away with these Australian designers and just putting Sheila on the apron to keep the the Australian theme, it really is for my Aunty Sheila.

Then got out the advent calendar from last year and filled it up with chocolate.

Mandy -Sorry to hear about your ankle. Hope all goes well with the surgery,Take care, rest up and get down to some sewing.

Happy Quilting xx

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