Sunday, 1 June 2008

Mrs Perkins

Hello Mrs Perkins.
This week I have finished this great Melly and Me giraffe. This was the first time I had used freezer paper to transfer a pattern. It was quick and easy to do. My stuffing technique needs some work however as she looks like she has varicose veins with lumps in her legs. Margaret was right the doll making needles weren't long enough and putting the legs on was a bit tricky, but as you can see she stands up beautifully.

Last week was school holidays and Jenny and I had a day trip to Edinburgh. The weather was completely lousy and Edinburgh Castle was lost in the rain clouds.
We shopped til we dropped. Lots of refreshment stops too, firstly at Henderson's for lunch. I remember this vegetarian restaurant serving wholegrain, vegetarian and vegan meals from my student days. We had a great meal in the bistro and I would thoroughly recommend it. The food was delicious and huge portions too.

Then after more shopping we stopped at Costas for a coffee and Jenny sampled a traditional Scottish beverage.

I also bought some wool to start a quick knitting project. I was taken by this article Knit One Save One in the Women's Weekly magazine about how knitted hats can save the lives of newborn babies in Africa and other poverty stricken countries. If you would like to knit one too, check out details on the Save the Children website here.


Anonymous said...

Yay! i'm famous!

But those pictures of me are not the most flattering.

love Jenny

Anonymous said...

Oooooh! We miss Irn Bru!! have one for us! Jenny you look lovely....

Wendy K said...

A very cute Mrs Perkins! I had a school teacher once called Mrs Perkins, same long neck and very nice!Lol (I was brave today and decided to comment and not lurk....caused by fond memories of Mrs Perkins I think?!)