Saturday, 15 March 2008

Hold on tight

Hold on tight was the cry on Friday afternoon at The Fat Quarters as Emma helped me layer up Michael's quilt. It was a bit of a pull and stretch to avoid a fault we found it the backing fabric. This was definitely the biggest quilt I have made so far as I did not have enough pins and had to buy some more. I love reaching the next stage when making a quilt, they are like milestones on a journey. The next one is the quilting. I think I will set up the fab-u-motion on the machine and try some free motion quilting. Kim also showed me how to link from my blog to other websites so as a thank you I have linked to her web site at The Fat Quarters (I hope).

Jenny is doing Food Technology as one of her GCSE courses and is quite interested in cooking at the moment so I bought her this book, Muffins Galore. There is every kind of muffin you could think of, from strawberry and cream muffins to muffins with olives and tomatoes. She made these delicious chocolate chip muffins.

I am easily distracted when doing household chores and these flowers caught my eye while I was hanging out the washing. A good excuse to put down the pegs and go and get the camera. These pink Hellebores, I always thought were called Christmas roses but I have just read in a magazine are actually the Lenten rose. Son they are right on cue a week before Easter.

Happy Quilting xx

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Lynn said...

Aren't distractions great . . . I can think of so many more wonderful things to do than household chores!!!

The photograph of the flowers is beautiful and, YES, right on cue a week before Easter!!!

Continue having fun with your quilts! I have 2 going right now. . . both for our 2 little bundle of joy grandchildren arriving over the next few months. I think I'll post pictures of them on my blog, too. Hadn't thought of that yet. You've inspired me.