Sunday, 29 July 2012

Birthdays, Bells and Granny Squares

 Happy Birthday Dad. Last week we gathered together to wish my dad a happy birthday. Not room for 76 candles on the cake but a lovely family meal to celebrate.

On Friday morning we got up at 8.12 am to ring bells to herald the start of the Olympic games.

Jenny wasn't very happy about being woken up though!

Rosie and I have been learning a new crocheted Granny square from this book in the shop

And Rosie crocheted a Dumbledore all by herself.
 And at last a scenic shot in the sunshine. Today we went up to Hownsgill, near Consett in Co Durham on the C2C cycle route. The views over the Durham cuntryside were magnificent.


Pippa Moss - Welsh Quilts said...

I could not ring the bells because I was working - but I know that our bells were rung on Friday norning. good publicity for bells,,,,Pippa

shirley said...

Very glamorous bell-ringing!!