Wednesday, 6 May 2009

100th POST

It seems no time at all since I was struggling with my first few posts and here we are at no 100 already. Doesn't time fly when your having fun. I have enjoyed sharing my patchwork and quilting projects with you . It has also been a good way of getting to know my digital camera and a little more about my computer. Thanks to my DS for all his technical instruction and to my DD for her patience standing like a lemon while I take yet more photos wherever we go. Not to forget my DH as chief supplier of batteries for the camera.

Things have been really busy here, work is busy - long hours and late finishes, home is busy,the downstairs loo pump has packed in, everything happens on a Friday and I have missed so many classes at the Fat Quarters, the sewing has been neglected. And don't forget the wedding next week!!

However since the bank holiday weather was a bit grotty I have started on the Amy Butler Cabo Halter top. The pattern is quite easy but the measurements are skimpy (perhaps this is confusion over the American sizing or perhaps I have had a sudden weight gain- most likely). Just got the zip to put in next.

We did get out to sample the culture at the Newcastle Gateshead Quayside in the wind and the rain on Monday but the most impressive bit was the Carte D'Or ice cream van on the quay side.

Happy Quilting xx


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! 100 th post!! I have loved getting on my computer and seeing EVERY new one. You have engouraged me to get going regardless of all my other chaos in life, long may it continue. I also thank you for the prom dress and the look of the new skirt that you made for your niece, yes, Chelsea wants me to make one. Hope that DS, DD and DH all made a big fuss too! Keep giving pleasure to us all......Amanda

The Crafts House said...

well done on a 100 the top it looked great,would you make more Amy Butler