Wednesday, 5 November 2008

More Koalas from Melly and Me

Bonzer and Beaut are finished. As the leaves have all fallen from the apple tree they have moved into this pot plant in the dining room where I guess they are going to set up home for the winter. If they breed successfully I will have to open an etsy shop to sell off the babies, watch this space.

The next project from the Fat Quarters club was out last week, The Friends Needle Case from Rosalie Quinlan designs is lovely. On the finished sample Kim has in the shop, Rosalie's stitches are so small and neat, I don't know that mine will look the same. She uses a product I haven't seen before , Weaveline, it is an iron on backing to give the stitchery more stability and to hide all the knots and threads. I have found that stitching through a backing of wadding keeps the stitches neater but it is sometimes too bulky, so I am looking forward to trying it.

Leanne Beasley also recommends using iron on Weaveline on the back of the stitchery pocket for the Apron Strings pattern. Unfortunately I had started before I knew Kim was stocking it so I have used iron on Vilene. It is nice to sit all cosy on these dark damp nights doing a bit of hand sewing, just wish I could keep my stitches neater, any handy hints?
I can only show a snip of this because it is a Christmas present.

And finally, our Halloween picture, a bit belated. jenny and her friends decided they were too big to go trick or treating and so had a Halloween sleepover. We still had lots of little trick or treaters to our door, By 5.45pm we had run out of sweets so we took down the decorations, put out all the lights and went out. Spoil sports!!

Happy Quilting xx

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Anonymous said...

It was great hanging out with you ladies on Friday, I will have to come back and do that again. Mom is on a mission to make lots of weekend bags so don't let her get distracted! You know how long it takes her to do a project! Aparently you made a similar bag so you can make sure she is doing it all correct.I'll be back.......